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Art Neuro is not an art project. It is not a science experiment. It is about people dissolving stereotypes, mixing expertise and creating new connections.
It is about four young scientists who are keen on art and want the general public to be more engaged with Neuroscience.
Art Neuro is also about a group of neuroscientists and artists -16 of each! and other specialists, from psychologists to mixologists, who decided to embark on a different experience.
Over three months, they had to overcome the challenge of explaining and understanding what each other do.
What's art and what's science? Well, together they had to create a piece of art mixing both.
A piece of art that should appeal for a third group of people.
Art Neuro is about the general public. The people who may not be quite artists or scientists but share two common things: curiosity and a brain inside their skull.
What makes this project so alive is the same thing that keep the brain functioning: connections.
The formula: 4 curators + (1 artist + 1 scientist) x 16/ 3 months = engaging and unique exhibition ( Art Neuro). Simple.
For the scientists, Art Neuro is perhaps the only hands-on contact with the art process. For the artists, it's an one-on-one/all you can eat contact with science. A chance for both to see their work in a different way. A profound commitment on both sides - and a mutual enjoyment. A beautiful thing to witness on it's own right.
Art Neuro curators (who are more than scientists now) wanted more than an art exhibition. Let's face it, big museums already do it and they do it very well. They wanted to bring neuroscience even closer to the people in a totally unique way.
Art Neuro grew from an art exhibition to a 4 days event, combining art pieces, workshops, live performances... Contrary to big museums, the artists and the scientists will be present at the venue. Some of them will test the visitors. Some will open discussion panels. Some will even share a drink.
With a stylish sense of creativity and clever, almost surreal networking, the curators managed to raise awareness of the project and incite the public's curiosity through a series of points (and pints) of contact.
Website, Facebook andTwitter gave to the general public a glimpse of what was happening over the 3 months.
Live events covered by media such as Time Out Magazine, Vice, Metro and The Observer gave a preview of artists and scientists' work.
Synaesthesia Cocktails Night at Stories pub in Hackney, London was a success. A sold out event brought members of the public to a night of sensorial alcoholic experiment - with a scientific and lively q&a.
SciBar events at The Book Club pub in Shoreditch, London, gave both scientists and artists a chance to talk to a varied audience about topics like zebra fish addictive behaviour, Alzheimer's implications, Psychodelic reactions and structural beauty of the brain.
And there's much more to come. Art Neuro exhibition takes place on 6th - 9th November 2014, at The Rag Factory - East London.
I had the honour to join them at the early stages, and see their synapses eletrified by ideas. The privilege to witness it all, I share here. A humble bee at the wall.
Open your mind. Science and Art are there for you.

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