art writing: "Spheres between Heaven and Apokalypse" - Digitalart and Mixed Media by Jaya Suberg JAYA SUBERG’S POETIC MONTAGES UNITE ORNAMENTS FROM DIFFERENT WORLDS, TIMES, AND SPACES WITH OURS. THE PICTURE, THE COLOURS, EVERYTHING IS LIVELY, QUESTIONING, AND REELS THE VIEWERS IN. THE CUTS IN THE DIGITAL COLLAGE ARE INVISIBLE. THE NARRATIVE BRIDGE OBSESSIVELY LEADS US FROM AN EVENT IN THE OUTSIDE WORLD INTO THE INNER WORLD: INFLUENCES OF NATURE AND THE CHANGE IN URBAN LANDSCAPES. CHANGES IN THE HUMAN BODY [‘WHERE IS MY STROPHANTHIN?’], ANIMALS [‘MERCURY’], OCEANS [‘ONCE UPON A TIME THERE WAS A BEAUTIFUL OCEAN’] OR SOCIETY [‘DON’T MONSANTO ME’ + ‘I ONLY SEE CHEMTRAILS’] MOSTLY MAKE USE OF FEMALE SUBJECTS IN JAYA SUBERG’S WORKS. AND THIS IS WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS. Tension and tenderness characterise the sensual aesthetic of the artist. Dance and adventure [‘Colibris around me’ + ‘roadmovie’] and loss of control [‘it’s not tango’] mould the shape of the world; while other times the surface of the image is distorted, even disharmonised. Not only is beauty temporary, but our life is also in danger. And yet every time we see how hope, returning home, arriving somewhere, excitement, letting go, and far-sightedness come to light. There is a surfacing from a spatial pictorial depth, but more often than not viewers experience a liberating drop to the bottom. Simply put, they sink. What is fascinating is the infinite creativity, the never weakening power of mysticism and poetry which the artist uses in her work as a collage. We seem to have infinite opportunities of interpretation and perception upon seeing Jaya’s sensitive and at the same time powerful series of images. The source for her unmistaken pictorial language and drive is to be found in the subtleties of the mythical moment, a certain joie de vivre, and everything human, beauty in its diversity: and even the attraction of a specific weight, gravitas, and fear. This is visible in the leaps through time she hands out like pieces of a puzzle, scattered on the path before us: parts from old printed documents or handwritten antique sketches by German doctors or a Chinese book of love guide us through one of the many possible pasts. If you were to personally meet Jaya Suberg, it quickly becomes clear that her drive is not nostalgia, but a dream for the earlier naivety in relation to the important events around the world. She’s a child of the 70s and 80s, shaped by travelling and the most diverse guides, peace movements and the spirit of the divided city Berlin. She moved here in 1980 and shot exciting places with her camera every day. The same holds true to this very day, and whenever she finds an exciting set, she’ll book a model or speak spontaneously to a potential protagonist. Jaya never takes a picture of a person without feeling some empathy and mutual sympathy. The nakedness of the beauty she composes in her digitalart is a mixture which removes distances, bolstered when she processes her pictures after digital composition with Mixed Media – acrylic, different pens and collage material. Jaya Suberg was one of the first digitalArt artists and her signature is still unmistakable. Every paper is a unique work of art, an aesthetical synopsis of different cultures, her personal mark in the world. WRITTEN BY JANA M. NORITSCH lives in Berlin and works as a collection expert, critic, author and presenter. Her focus is on the Collectors Club Berlin founded by her - and thus the maintenance of collections and their visualization. In the exhibitions of the art society and the creative projects of the network, art should be shown independently of the 'capital market'. Young art movements here combine with positions from artistic bequests and - inalienable - works in collections.

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