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Arteasan Brand and Packaging

Arteasan was born from the insight of no sacrifices, providing a
ready-to-drink beverage alternative, both tasty and healthy — good
for you, and for you to feel good about, given its naturally healthy
source of ingredients.

Positioned as ‘Exotic Refreshment’, the Boxer-named Arteasan brand
of tea-based soft drinks are infused with fruits and botanicals for
holistic benefits of healthy body, mind and spirit.
In its name, Arteasan’s play on ‘artisan’ tells a story of creative
craft and selective sourcing in concocting this uniquely
experiential beverage.

With a holistic product concept in hand, Boxer created an equally
holistic brand concept — from naming to design. All set out to embody
the romance of the archetypical explorer in search of a balanced life
through discovering new experiences (in products and in life), with a
purposeful passion for the journey itself.

Each variety of Arteasan offers functional benefits derived from their individual fruit and botanical blends for optimal wellness.

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