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Honey Creative are a multi Design Business Association (DBA) award-winning creative brand consultancy, based in London. They are a fantastic bunch, whose impressive bank of clients include Tesco, Eylure, Weight Watchers and more. Honey wanted well-researched, thought-provoking blogs and content to help raise the brand’s online profile and engage their discerning clientele. I devised a content marketing strategy and began writing monthly articles and thought pieces. Posts included a deep dive into the benefits of a diverse workforce, how to make the most of the millennial demographic boom, and a look into why the over-50s shouldn’t be overlooked by growing brands. Honey’s tone of voice is intelligent but not overly formal, so I wrote sophisticated posts, written in a friendly, witty tone that speaks straight to the reader. Some of the articles were also split into shorter blogs, which you can find here. By researching industry trends, I transformed relevant insights into hot topic articles that raised client engagement and increased client enquiries. “Steph was very organised, efficient and proactive. She is very articulate and contributed well to our team. ” — Creative Director, Honey Sample copy Companies are not about to restructure their culture in favour of gender equality because they think it will make life easier for women. This change will only happen if we can convince businesses that there is compelling, results-driven evidence demonstrating how gender equality will grow their market share. This is what will make gender equality in the workplace more than the latest CSR (corporate social responsibility) trend. So what are these compelling reasons? Boosting performance An inclusive workplace is a happy one, and few can disagree that positive employee engagement has a positive impact on results. Engagement has been linked with productivity, profitability, employee turnover and retention – so why not take advantage of what gender equality can bring to the table? A study of corporate performance found that Fortune 500 companies with more female board directors outperform those without by 66% return on capital investment, 42% on sales and 53% on equity. While some studies dispute the balance of these results, the relationship between a gender-mixed board and higher achieving companies cannot be refuted. Business can’t afford to waste resources, and this includes the contribution female employees make to your company through human resources. A recent McKinsey study also found that companies who employ a larger proportion of women at board level are more likely to have consistent, sustained results than businesses with unbalanced boards.

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