Artwork /CHAOS

  • Diana Dau
Contrasts and how they interact and influence each other fascinate me. I love the idea of contained mess. All my art tries to take artisanal, unfinished, imperfect elements to a point in which they become perfect to me. I try to convey the positive aspects of pandemonium, how everything harmonious and ordered comes actually, from disorder. Chaos and harmony are interconnected. They are found everywhere in nature, as archetypal references, mother symbols of imperfect/ideal, good/bad and so on. Closely related, they are a paradoxical pair, which coexist only within each other, especially harmony is strictly dependable of turbulence, as it is born out of a desire to tame the unknown. "In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order." - Carl Jung Translating the idea of Chaos that leads to Harmony into painting/installation, I decided to study faces of people who reach sexual climax and of people who express their rage through screaming. I took self-portraits, and photos of friends, in an attempt of capturing the turmoil. A screaming self-portrait was chosen as the starting point of my painting. And mixed media was used to further enhance the scream, aesthetically.

Paintings: acrylic on canvas and mixed media

Pictures: photograms, digitally edited