People in the pornography industry have found that the magic price point for people subscribing to a porn site is $29.95. The moment you cross that line, potential customers balk and leave. This is called the “porn wall,” and it seems to be an impenetrable thing – a constant that’s built into us by nature, like the nesting instinct of birds or the molecular weight of zinc. | Academy of Fine Arts Muenster | Muenster | Deutschland

‘A cocktail of large works on paper, high-gloss prints and a video. The small prints are a combination of stock images and fashion photographs, put in correlation to the large-scale paintings.
Encircling this composition there is a video work of me spinning a coin continuously; by this bringing myself back into the exhibition space. Everything, together with a subliminal disturbing spinning sound, pushed the installation to its limits. And this was exactly what I was aiming for: A situation completely over the top.‘

1 - 5 Exhibition View
6 Every party is a coordinated crisis response | 148 x 175 cm | Oil, Acryl, Pen, Pencil, Marker on Paper | 2015
7 Exhibition View
8 The party is so exclusive that nobody even shows up | 148 x 138 cm | Oil, Acryl, Pen, Pencil, Marker, Enamel on Paper | 2015
9 The details that distinguish you are so small that nobody can tell you are actually different | 148 x 175 cm | Oil, Acryl, Pen, Pencil, Marker, Enamel on Paper | 2015

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