BACARDI - The Drink of the Night

The Brief
Give guys a reason to try us again.
Come up with ideas that will make 18-24 year old guys want to order us in the mainstream bar environment. This could be anything from jazzy new glassware to augmented reality drink coasters. You may even decide to invent an amazing new drink and a campaign to support it! Whatever you come up with, it should feel masculine, authentic and support our quality credentials. It should also be relatively simple – this might be replicated in mainstream bars across the world!

The Proposal

Twilight, Vampire Diaries, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, True Blood - what do they all have in common? Vampires! Not just any typical, scary, bloody-sucking creature you would imagine 15 years ago, but a whole new generation to define the word hot, sexy and cool.
Although they may deny, we believe that 18-24 year old guys secretly wishes to be a vampire themselves, simply because of the rules of nature: majority of our female population has grown quite fond of the modern day vampire, where she will spends most of her time gazing upon the television screen to watch a full day marathon of Twilight, despite the fact that she has seen the movies over 5 times. So...while girls continue to have this obsession, the opposite sex will also continue wanting to be "the hot vampire" on the screen. We know your secret boys!
Furthermore, our inspiration also came from the Bacardi bat logo. According to our research, there are 2 reasons why the founder, Facundo Bacardi Masso, chose to use his logo as a free-tailed bat: the first is because bats plays an important role in the production of Bacardi Rum. They great pollinators of the sugar cane plant and very efficient insect eaters (they eat the insects that destroy the sugar cane which is vital for the rum business). The second reason is related to the history of Bacardi himself, where he was inspired by the fruit bats that lived in the rafters of his building.


Since the birth of man, vampires have existed amongst the humans, you can sometimes even hear their voracious growls echoing through the moon-lite night, only to their graves to thirst on the blood of the living.
They are fighters, lovers and brother, who believe in survival of the fittest, where only one shall rise and the rest will fall. They are the creatures of the night.
Drink of the night.

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