Back And Forth - Music Video

Music video for Operator Please commissioned by Virgin/EMI Records (AUS/NZ) and Brille Records (UK/ROW)

Director: Elvissy. Producer: Matt Reeder. DOP: Damian Wyvill. Editor: Miles Selwn. Art Direction: Elvissy + Alex Holmes. Set Design / Coreography / Styling / Costume: Elvissy. Hair + Make Up: Lynne Obrien.

For this clip I wanted to create an art deco, underwater esque prom scene. This song has a shimmery feel about it and the idea of incorporating a slight water/ocean aesthetic seemed to compliment the overall vibe of the track.

I wanted the band's performance to come across somewhat somber - contrasting with the bright colour palette in an aim to capture and reflect the song's bitter sweet undertones.

© Elvissy 2010