Bad Tube Etiquette

  • Design Lad

A passion project showing the worst people you meet on the tube.

Design Lad has released his latest passion project ‘Bad Tube Etiquette’. The series of 8 illustrations focuses on people’s poor behaviour we have all experienced whilst commuting, designed in a humorous and playful way.
“I wanted to do a project which looked at human behaviour in a playful way, and one area I thought everyone may be able to relate to was people’s poor etiquette whilst commuting. I wanted to design it in a humorous way, rather than setting the actual scene on the tube, to help capture people’s attention.” 
“Passion projects are so important, and key to showing people who you really are. I was selected to pitch for (and ultimately won) the Virgin Mobile Hothouse TV campaign, and a series of animations for NOW TV. These opportunities came as a result of the art directors really liking my ‘NBA Time’ and ‘Instagram addiction’ loops, which I made purely for fun.”