Balkans Beyond Borders Photo Contest 2016: 'Tagged in a Changing World'

  • Firuze Karaoglu

Thematic: The theme of this competition is influenced by last year’s massive refugee crisis where hundreds of thousands of people migrated to Europe. Throughout history, people are constantly in transition seeking change for a better future and choose to make a home somewhere unknown to them. We are interested in exploring what cultural identity means and what it entails to immerse oneself in a foreign culture and to strive to assimilate in it. To also question what thisdoes to the social political landscape of the host country and the process people experience as they witness changes in their homeland. Individual cultural identity can be very personally complex and we are interested in your own individualistic approach and experiences within this context. Multiculturalism VS stereotypes Balkan Identity VS European Identity Foreign VS National Action: Take your camera or your phone and shoot the cultural diversity you live in! When: 13 of October to 7 of November 2016 What: Submit your photo inspired by the different cultural identities in a changing world after going through the participation terms Who: Passionate photographers (either amateur or professional) For application visit:

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