Barclays - Anti-Fraud Films


Entertaining and protecting in equal measure


With fraud and online scams on the increase, what was the best strategy for Barclays to adopt with its own set of anti-fraud films? How could this valuable information reach and, most importantly, make a difference to a mass audience?


These films had to cut through the existing dry and uninspiring material that was already in the public domain. The approach therefore was to make entertaining films that happened to be about fraud, rather than a traditional, educational fraud film. The objective was to create a series that people enjoyed watching and would share widely, helping the message penetrate well beyond a core audience.
Three witty and insightful scripts were written and cast. Each was filmed with a distinctive style – POV, CCTV and multiple cameras. Barclays branding was reserved for the final frames, which would link this activity to a more traditional anti-fraud campaign Barclays was running. All of these decisions were made to maximise the films’ reach and minimise any barriers potential viewers may have.


The films have amassed over 1.8m views across YouTube and Facebook, delivering Barclays’ messages in a way that’s resonated strongly with the audience. This real-world success has also resulted in the films being nominated for The Drum Dadi Award in the Financial Services category.