• Lucy Fountain

D&AD/ Digital McKinsey Brief: Deliver a vision for digital money showing where and how it can make real impact on the lives of people left behind by traditional finance. Almost 2 billion people in the developing world have no access to financial services. In Latin America, the financial inclusion rate is growing but Mexico is an area that has parts that are falling behind, including the three most impoverished states; Guerrero, Oaxaca, and Chiapas. Their financial inclusion rates fall short of where they should be. There are high rates of crime, and a large amount of the population lives in extreme poverty. Furthermore, less women have bank accounts than men. With base—money, they can build their future from the base up. The primary user of the service is for women of southern Mexico who do not have a bank account or for those who do not trust the banking system. base—money is also aimed at family members who have migrated abroad for a better employment and who need to send their money home to their families instantly, and for a low fee.