BBC Connected Studio

Big ideas are better together
We created a new identity for BBC Connected Studio, to drive awareness and position the brand at the forefront of technology and innovation.
We distilled the creative strategy of big ideas coming together into an interlocking logo and three-dimensional illustrations. These build into animated idents and a visual toolkit, creating impact across presentation slides, posters and the website.
The result is a brand with impact, attracting the best talent inside and outside the BBC to create truly innovative new products.
Fluid motion
The logo extends into a suite of connected ‘CS’ letters, with a series of animated idents created for conferences. The ‘C’ is rendered consistently, while the ‘S’ takes on more experimental forms, hinting at Connected Studio’s different outputs. This gives the brand flexibility while retaining consistency.
Iconic identity
The modular, interlocking ‘CS’ logo forms a strong shorthand icon, as social is an important part of the communications. Colours are contemporary but warm, to work alongside Connected Studio’s sister brand, BBC Taster.
Bold graphic language
The rich textural environment is supported by a confident graphic language. Presentation slides focus on clear statements, while poster headlines are descriptive, but still informal. A simple system rolls out across the reskinned website.

“BBC Connected Studio has instigated profound culture change in the BBC.”

Chris Sizemore
 Executive Editor, BBC Knowledge & Learning


Scotty Vernon

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  • Creative Technologist

Eve B

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  • marketing executive

Stewart McMillan

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  • Head of Design


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