BBC Creative Prize / Winner / Billboard / 2017

  • Sebastian Koseda
  • Charles Pico Rickleton
The aim of the project was to create a brand that works outside of conservative television, one which makes an unrefined impression to get noticed by the right audience (16-24yo).

We are advertising to a generation that is fed up of being advertised to.
Young worlds are bombarded with pop-ups, behavioral, geotargeted presumptuous advertising, which exploits their private information.
Individuality is recommended for you and the line between products and lifestyle become ever more blurred. Intrusive.
According to Marketingweek Magazine, the demographic usually perceives advertising as ‘something to be endured to reach content they actually want to consume.’
‘They have grown up connected to the internet and its limitless opportunities, learning to filter through the noise and carefully pinpointing exactly what is worth their time.’
Tech savvy media tactics are quickly counteracted with pop up blockers and ad blockers. The key could be in channeling this attitude against advertising and subverting it into a campaign reflective of this assertive youth.
Added production value is transparent to the generation now, so could the way forward be exposing with the framework of the medium itself?
The initial concept was to play with the DNA of the television – strip it back to a point where it is trusted by the audience. The challenge was how to implement this visually. Transparency is much more than an advertising buzzword, and with this audience it can’t be overlooked.
In collaboration with Charles Rickleton.