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Brilliantly curious
We were asked to create a brand identity for BBC iWonder that would provoke curiosity and encourage exploration of world-class BBC content.
To reflect the genre and tone of content, we created an information system around colour and imagery. This helps users to choose from a wide spectrum of subjects quickly and easily.
The logo represents the curiosity of learning, through a question mark device that signposts iWonder content across BBC platforms.
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Building blocks
The foundation of the identity is the iWonder logotype. The name invites intrigue, acting as the precursor for a question and a thought starter. By containing a question mark device, the logo reflects these curious principles.

“Part of our mission is to unlock the learning potential of our archive and iWonder gives us a highly curated editorial storytelling reason to be doing that.”

Chris Sizemore Executive Editor, BBC Knowledge & Learning
Brand book
A comprehensive brand book brings all of the identity parts together. Curiosity is built in throughout: from transparent colours obscuring content, to imagery which is cropped tightly on first interaction with a page – it’s all designed to draw you in and provokes intrigue.
Thinking digitally
We designed the brand with devices in mind, creating a kit of parts that would be scale across multiple breakpoints for a wide variety of screen sizes. Journeys start with a colour reflecting the mood of the content – sombre subjects are muted and lighter topics are naturally brighter – and always finish on a lighter tone, the point of enlightenment. To create intrigue and hook people in, headlines are written as questions, provoking the reader directly into finding the answers.

“In designing iWonder, the BBC has produced a compelling online platform that’s both a valuable learning resource and a great marketing tool.”

Creative Review
Graphic language
The brand colour journeys and ‘curious’ principles extend across visual signposting, user interface and infographics to create a bold visual identity, grounded in curiosity.
BBC Bitesize is a GCSE revision programme. To bring all the BBC’s learning platforms into one framework, iWonder principles and templates are applied to this content, with bolder colours to signpost it. The same design system is used, with illustrations cropped to ‘hook’ the reader in the same way as the photography used elsewhere.

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