BBG Diaries: Mitch’s NYC Boys

New York, a city baptized as a playground for anyone wild and free, where boys from other cities become transplants in hopes to achieve their life goals and fantasies. Formalities are something of the past; we live for the moments we truly believe in, where tip-toeing around each other is long forgotten and being open and naked is an opportunity to tell the sincerest of stories.
In this BBG Diary series, native New Yorker Mitch Zachary captures and explores tender moments of history, enlightening you with a series of photographs taken from an insider perspective of boys that are a slice of the microcosm that is gay life in NYC. Mitch’s topic of interests includes boys that are friends, Instagram friends and lovers. In moments that are pure and unexposed, typically after partying all night and ending up in hotel rooms and private sanctuaries, we get to part-take in these moments. For a little while to feel that we also are free and unhibited, making the late hours of the night ours. Mitch visually expresses the story not only of queer relationships and vulnerable masculinity, but alongside submerging himself in his individual relationships with men and how he relates to non-queer men. This is Mitch's own story.
With intimacy on different levels of both romantic and platonic, these levels shape the queer relationships that have become lifestyles for many boys and formed cliques of friends. These are the boys that shape the world this generation lives in. Mitch and his boys write their own stories - creating their own maps of life to journey within. 

Team Credits

Mitch Zachary

  • Photographer


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Mitch Zachary