Beck's - Radio

The Brief:
to communicate the Beck’s new contest in Italy through a radio campaign.
The contest is simple: uncork 3 Beck’s to have a chance of winning
a free VIP trip in Brasil and stadium tickets for the FIFA 2014 World Cup.
We had a lot of fun creating step by step the road from “Do you hear the music” to “uncork it!”,
and finding a way to make the listener “travel” with us from their radio to the World Cup in Brasil.

Sfx: Quiet ambient, we can hear music in the distance.
Man n.1: Do you hear the music?
Girl: Yeah
Man n.2: It’s true!
Man n.1: There’s a party!
Girl: Let’s follow it!
Man n.2: Yes
Sfx: Steps. The music gets nearer. We hear a door that is being open.
Man n.1: Guys, it comes from here
Girl: Open the fridge!
Sfx: The guys open the fridge and the music gets closer.
Man n.1: But it can’t be here, there’s only a Beck’s!
Man n.2: C’mon uncork it!
Sfx: We hear the typical uncork sound “psssst” and the music literally explodes.
Ist: Inside every Beck’s, there’s all the party of Rio. Uncork and live the final of FIFA World Cup at Rio and many other incredible prizes each day. Operation is valid until 22/06/2014, regulation on Official beer of FIFA 2014 World Cup.

Team Credits

Giulio Polverelli

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