Photographs from beneath Iceland's largest glacier.

Vatnajökull is the largest glacier in Iceland and the largest glacier mass in all of Europe, It covers an area of roughly 8,000 sq. km and is almost 1000m thick at its deepest point. The landscape under the glacier is an undulating plateau, 600-800m above sea level with numerous valleys and canyons. The glacier is melting at a rate of around one metre-per-year. It is only possible to climb beneath the glacier in winter, when the ice is completely frozen. Vatnajökull is estimated to be melting at a rate of one metre per-year. In one of the most recent reports from the Icelandic government’s Committee on Climate Change, it warns that by the next century, Iceland’s glaciers will no longer exist.

The series has been published on Its Nice That, Only Yacht Magazine, Maptia and Feature Shoot.

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Kate Friend

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