Best Before. Brand Research

Dream#12 is an MA Thesis for the Graphic Branding and Identity Course, researching into the question: 'What is the value of failure'. The project ended up with the brand being created based on the theoretical findings and visual experiments made during the year. The brand idea is to push people towards realising and realisation of their dreams using time scarcity. 'Best Before' brand basically is a set of products that represents the dream with the expiration date of 7 days. Afterwards, it destructs. So what did you always wanted to do but never done yet? Why?

Team Credits

Anna Vasiunyk

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  • Graphic designer freelancer

Project Tags

  • layout design
  • book design
  • book binding
  • brand research
  • Brand Strategy
  • creative direction
  • Copywriting
  • tone of voice
  • visual experiment