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Matrix Ball - Josh Mac

The Matrix ball bounces into the IFO market, paving the way for the next generation of 'smart' toys. The 'World's smartest ball.' campaign shapes this product as market leader in GPS connected balls. The first to market 'challenge ball' enables users to track the flight path of their throw to prevision that has never previously been possible. With daily challenges, quests and battles set out, the complete technological synchronously with the accompanying app engages users on a both physical and digital level.
The product is all about challenging others and tracking your best shots, in the best environments with the best company. Leaderboards, quests and challenges to throw further, higher and faster than friends, in regional and global divisions. . Speed, altitude and airtime are all measured and visually represented on a augmented overlay through the user's mobile application interface. Enabling its use also as a sporting good, used for practicing the perfect cricket bowl or tennis toss.As augmented reality and the bridge between physical and digital realities combine, this product looks to revolutionise the centuries old concept of throwing and catching.

Target market: The Matrix ball enters the market as a product that spans the boundary of smart technology and sporting goods. Initially due to pricing and product type, the target market will be 14-30 year olds who are interested in technology and sporting activities. Reflecting this, the campaigns visual identity aims to be sleek and concise, suggesting a well designed product and an elegant user experience. Although of course with a hint of wit and humor added to maintain the aspect of play.

Branding: Making ties between the use of data and its futuristic product concept, the brand name 'Matrix' was conceived. Its responsive logo is based on a simplistic spherical (ball) shape with two further ellipses emanating below it to represent the radiating GPS connectivity. In its large form the icon forms the dot of the 'i' in the products name, then when resized down for smaller use it will be represented simply by this icon. Typography chosen for the logo and print works was specific for the brand image of sleek user friendly design, using Standard CT combined with Baskerville throughout. Metallic looking red and white stripes form the brand identity for the ball as well as being a practical colour to find once thrown.
Poster/Bus Stop Adverts: The print adverts shown combine the wit and sleek user friendly visual identity the 'World's smartest ball.' campaign aims to achieve through its comparison to stereotypically 'smart' concepts throughout history. The representation of the product I have made sure to be eye catching and futuristic looking by modelling the concepts in 3D to match the branding of the product. The humour involved in the posters aims to the target market of young professionals and students.
The x-ray (Ball Brain) and mathematics (Einstein) inspired posters will be part of a larger series of playful print advertisements.
Augmentation the product slots neatly into the market for future progression in augmented gaming and realities. Therefore to accommodate this forward looking approach an accompanying campaign will be set out featuring Matrix as a temporary Snapchat overlay showing precision statistics on individuals own movement (simply using the phone's statistics) but giving an insight into the way the ball will provide data to buyers. Social networking, sharing and interacting with the ball will be a key part of its marketing and therefore through either its own application or snapchat compatibility users will be able to snap and share their Matrix ball stories.
I created all images and video using Maxon Cinema 4D, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator & After Effects.
Underground Advertising: The escalator advertising boards at London underground stations will provide a platform for animated advertising to be installed. This conceptual idea looks to develop an image of real time speed and elevation updates as the balls transition with passengers along the escalator. More information than on the product and brand will be incorporated in the final graphics.
The location is suitable for this product as it looks to attract young professionals and individuals interested in smart technology and physical activities. In terms of product pricing, individuals with disposable income to spend on the product are likely to fit the demographic of this location.
Social Media: An important part of this campaign is creating a community of throwers using the product and sharing experiences. I have made a draft of an initial animated video that could be used on social media platforms to introduce the idea of a GPS enabled challenge ball. This will have to be accompanied by TV style adverts that show the ball in use, following a fast tempo and showing users in many different environments throwing and competing with others. After the launch, video content on social media will begin to include throws of the week and viral-worthy user activity with the Matrix ball.

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