bitter taste

I am the creator/curator of bitter taste, a zine collective fore-fronting the various nuances, frustrations and implications surrounding mental health issues.
I contribute to the zine and design all of the front covers.

#1 - the first issue of bitter taste introduces the ideas that encouraged its existence. Created as a fundraising idea for my grad film SAD ADA, this 34-paged zine features artwork, poetry, photography and prose that express frustrations and implications of mental health disorders, loss, and general disenchantment - with some light-hearted relief for good measure.
#2 - the second issue of bitter taste focuses on the idea of change/transition/metamorphosis and the positive and negative impact it can have on our mental health. Contributors depict metamorphoses from the mundane, to the painful and doubt-ridden. Themes/topics inc.; abandonment, anxiety, addiction, adulthood, breakups, daily challenges, impatience, politix, post-uni slumps, && more.
#3 - the third issue of bitter taste explores a woman-centric relationship between sex and mental health. Contributors to this 32-paged zine, colourfully depict both the amazing and painful impacts that their sexual experiences/sexuality/sex education have had on their mental health. Themes/topics incl.; abortion, bdsm, sexual disorders, sexism, self-love, contraception, desire, body-image, sexuality, sex-toys, love, heartbreak, pain, pleasure && more.
#4 - The fourth issue of bitter taste focuses around the relationship between audio(&)visual mediums and the impact these have on our identity, experiences, understanding and general mental health. This 44-paged zine is a love-letter to the interdisciplinary arts and their sources of inspiration. Contributors depict with humour and humility how their audio(&)visual appreciations have aided them through grief, depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, stress, demotivation and more.

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Laura Martin

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