Black box contest - Erasing the Past

Gathering around table

In the past people used to gather more to have discussions or to simply enjoy some time together. Families would have lunch or dinner sitting together. Table was that object (or we can say that table was the ‘place’ ) around which people come to do something or to discuss important things and family matters. Old photographs show many of those moments and almost everyone has these photos in their family album. Maybe in the future table won’t have the same purpose anymore. More and more, people use table for work and they eat outside or walking. If table was once in a center of the room, now rooms are more empty in the centre, to make more free space in the room. People use tables for flowers and fruit, and sometimes they sit there and eat alone. Sitting on the table makes things more formal, so maybe this is why people don’t gather around tables anymore that much. It is more relaxing to lay on the ground and have a discussion. Or to eat on the couch while doing a paper research about past times.
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Andjelka Jovanovic

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