Black, White and Re(a)d All Over: The Enquirer's Printing Hub

  • Mina Gohary

Edgware Road hosts a range of small businesses with a lot to offer its residents, which helped the community through the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. Analysis, speaking with the community and reading the 2013 Health Report for Edgware Road revealed a host of issues that the area is facing. The speed and nature of the road means that clientele are swept across quickly, and the public don’t know where to go for their needs as there is little information, care and promotion of Edgware Road. There is also a large homeless population, which the community want to help but don’t know how. The Edgware Road Enquirer is a hyperlocal newspaper that adopts a social enterprise business model, hiring and training the homeless through a series of workshops hosted at its Hub underneath the Marylebone Flyover. The Hub hosts the newspaper’s editors, writers and paper makers, who use recycled paper and fibres found in the area to make the physical newspaper in house. The public are invited to interact with the paper while it’s drying on a series of pulleymaids, and a soft light enters the hub throughout the day to illuminate the process. At night, the Hub acts a social space, inviting the public to engage in workshops and events, whilst becoming embedded in the vibrant community of Edgware Road.