Blessed unrest part 1

  • Craig Benson

Blessed Unrest is a short dance film inspired by the words of Martha Graham. Featuring a captivating performance by Stan West, the film explores an artists struggle to be at peace with the burden all artists carry.

I directed and short this film in a studio in Greenwich London. Pre production consisted of story board concepts as well as sourcing the music for the piece.

The post production process consisted of cleaning the plates (the studio backdrop and floor was dirty) and then finally colour correcting the shots. Examples of both can be seen below.
An example of colour correction.
An example of a plate clean. Notice the blemishes on the studio floor and uneven background.
The final step was mixing the audio. Stan recorded his spoken word piece himself, and sent the file over to me, which was then overlaid onto the Music.

The total production time was 6 weeks from concept to completion.