Boden Family Shoot Summer 2020

  • Olivia Bossert
  • Alice Boulton
  • Bea Torgerson

Once in a while, you get commissioned for a job which is so joyful, it can’t possibly be considered work. I was contacted late in June 2020 by the lovely team at Boden, asking if I was available for a content shoot with a family based in the South West of the UK. Seeing as I’m in Cornwall, it was relatively easy for me to meet up with this family and do the job, so I happily said yes. On what felt like it could potentially be a bit of a wet and windy Saturday, I drove up to Barnstaple to meet with the beautiful Robinson family. I’d done my research before arriving, and knew that I would be met by Michelle, an Olympian no less! and her family. I knew I was in for some high energy fun! I was so right. It was wet, it was windy, it was cold, but every single minute that we were on that beach, the Robinson’s gave me every ounce of their energy. There was running, jumping, flipping, piggy backs, handstands, races, frog jumps… you name it. They did it. I had the most incredible time, and we got (what I think) are some of the most beautiful shots I’ve ever taken. You can’t help but look at these images and smile! I did the entire time I was editing them. It was a joy to work with Boden, and I hope I get to work with them more in future, as well as the Robinson family. I hope you love the images as much as I do!