Boosting awareness and fundraising campaigns with a strong brand

  • Kim Walker

For people to get serious about your mission, it takes a consistent communications approach to get things off the ground. Since rolling out the new brand identity, this non-profit organisation has experienced exponential growth in engagement with their fundraising and volunteering projects.

Laying the brand foundations.

Bright, energetic, passionate. Three great qualities The YCUL Project holds that has served as inspiration for the visual concept. The collage style logo reflects the grassroots culture and loose line illustrations give a sense of activity behind the scenes from the hard working volunteers and active fundraisers.
The non - profit organisation use their platforms to share eye opening information so our approach was to reflect this service with a newsprint style typeface that would flow throughout the logo and campaigns.

Introducing Monty

The YCUL Project recently introduced a mascot in the form of a Yeti named Monty (named by a popular vote on social media channels). I was briefed to illustrate a character that would be loveable and friendly thereby creating more empathy with fundraising campaigns. Follow The YCUL Project to see more of Monty over the coming months.

Growth & Engagement

The YCUL Project has amassed over 1,000 followers within their first year of going live on Instagram, reaching new audiences who want to get involved with helping their communities. Increased social media engagement and word of mouth awareness has enabled The YCUL Project to increase their fundraising target by 500% in 3 years.