Boots Sleep Bank

  • Ava-Lien Shoshan
  • Eleanor Farish

Women are sleeping less than men. We found women feel ‘more ugly’ when they don't get enough sleep, yet sleep is the first thing to be sacrificed in a beauty routine. Boots believes in women feeling good, they've earned it, so Boots created this solution. Introducing: 'Boots Sleep Bank' A new loyalty scheme, where sleep is the currency.

The more you invest in sleep, the more points you get towards products to pamper yourself.
As each individuals lifestyle and sleep needs are different, the set up of the app will be personalised to you.
The app will track your sleep and give you health insights, based on your sleep (quality and length). For every good night sleep you will gain 10 points.
You can see a list of products available in sleep currency, and the app will contain tips and tricks on how you can get a better nights sleep with specialist expert articles.
Tailored reminders will help prompt you in winding down and prepping for bed with tips.
To gain a really accurate sleep reading we have a comfortable boots arm band and a sleep box that monitors your sleep. The box acts as a monitor and an alarm clock, replacing phones as alarms to ensure the phone light won't interfere with sleep.
First we will have high profile daytime TV women try the app out and leave review on their social media to get the word out. Then we will release the app to the public through various social platforms.
As 15million households in the UK own an Advantage card we are going to utilise this; sending them welcome packs with a note explaining the new scheme as well as the sleep box and arm band inside.
In store we will have Sleep Bank branches where customers can purchase products with their sleep bank cards, using the currency of sleep! We will also have Sleep Bank ATM's where pampering products will be available.
The more you sleep the more you get.

Invest in yourself with sleep.