Brand and Design Principles / Visual research journey

Brand and Design Principles
This project gave me the opportunity to explore the underlying brand and design principles within the subject and my own practice but, also learning from research methodologies as well as discussing contexts in graphic design and branding. During this unit, I entered a process of reflection, discursive exploration and understanding the brand and design process itself. A series of workshops and practical project work helped me exploring the fundamental principles of brand and design literacy and visual grammar.
This artwork represents my journey until now through the design process, research methodologies and branding contents related - a completely new field, never investigated in my case.
This artwork represents what I researched so far into the field of Identity and all data I collected and tried to appropriate the tools of Data Visualisation and presented in a clear and understandable flow.

Team Credits

Alessandro De Rosa

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  • Graphic designer

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  • identity
  • book design
  • Adobe InDesign
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  • Data visualisation
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