Branding an energy data business

  • Kim Walker

Stark’s best-in-class energy data and their brilliant team of people are the linchpin to their successful offering. I designed a versatile visual device that strengthened the connection between the data and the people behind it, which could be woven into every detail of the new identity. This shape informed every design choice, from unique button shapes on the website, to bullet points in presentations.

I developed a custom display typeface that was rolled out across several internal comms campaigns

The rollout

With key aspects of the identity defined and the brand guidelines and templates published and distributed, we began the brand rollout to all touchpoints. This included redesigning the Stark website, creating office and vehicle graphics as well as updating all marketing channels.
The brand rollout was created in such a way that would unify Stark's digital products and services under one identity. Stark ID, the flagship energy saving platform, launched with the same icons, colour systems and visual style.
Refreshing Stark’s brand encompassed the marketing communications approach. Stark pivoted from long text heavy PDFs to dynamic video content that could be sent via email campaigns and shared on social media. I worked on every aspect of the in-house videos; from scripts and storyboards to filming, editing and animations. Videos have helped differentiate Stark within the industry and have been hugely successful with engagement from customers and prospects alike.