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This was a mini rebrand project for a campaign to get customers to part exchange their holiday homes, making them feel guided and supported along the way. Feedback from surveys showed that customers thought part exchanging was difficult so we needed to convince them how easy it was. I wanted to play on the positives that can come from upgrading their holiday homes. The word 'change' doesnt have to met with scepticism.
After working with the client, we decided upon the 'logo' below. This project was to sit within current branding already familiar to the customers - fonts and colours were used to maintain brand recognition. The main emotion I wanted customers to feel would be highlighted in the script font .
The most positive emotion that linked to this campaign, was the chance to have a re-fresh, literally and physically, by upgrading your holiday home and having a change of scene.
To bring this message come to life, I wanted to use a tinted acetate that obscured the main image, that became 'refreshed' once removed from the envelope.
The main focus was initially to be a simple DM piece, but it ended up progressing into an A5 booklet DM. This affected the projects budget so I adapted my initial idea, whilst still keeping the 'refreshed' tinted image concept, into a basic slip cover which holds the booklet;
I kept the tinted reveal from the DM envelope throughout the A5 brochure, pulling out key descriptive phrases about each home, keeping that same 'refresh' message going.
Along with the A5 booklet, I created a multitude of POS items, including flyers, posters, table-talkers, table vinyls, water bottles and coasters.
One of the POS items was this 6ft tall optical illusion piece which would reveal two different messages depending on where you stood. This fit perfectly with the 'refresh you view' theme running through this project.
Another POS item, still reinforcing the 'refresh you view' concept, was an 'infinity fold' informative piece. I'd kept a similar printed piece like this from a cereal packet when I was young, and have always wanted to replicate it. This was the perfect project for it.


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