Branding Mythology: Heracles

Heracles was a hero in Greek Mythology. Driven to madness by the Goddess Hera, he slew his own wife and children. After awaking from his mad state, horrified by his actions, Heracles went to King Eurystheus. The King decreed that Heracles complete twelve labours, and if he succeeded he would be pardoned and deemed a great hero.
The personal branding for this project took the form of a portfolio book, showcasing Heracles' labours as if he is seeking further work after completing them.
The copywriting aims to portray Heracles as comically arrogant about his great feats, as this is how he was often depicted in his stories. ​Victorian-style collage images were created to accompany the text in the book. The Heracles personal branding was incorporated into these images through the choice of colour and the logomark in the corners and across the creatures' faces.
The brand was developed following the structure for brand development from ‘Designing Brand Identity’ by Alina Wheeler. The logotype and signature was first developed, followed by the colour, then typography and then an application of the brand. A brand guidelines book was developed following this methodology, explaining how the brand should be applied.

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Emily Birdsey

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Emily Birdsey
Graphic Designer