• Louis Malhamé

This was an independant inquiry into how sampling, a phenomenon closely associated to music, could be translated into an equivalent visual format. This process of sampling was conducted in an identical fashion to that of audio sampling, sampling video in place of audio from identical sources. The soundtrack is original, and is composed to showcase the features of audio sampling. It is also charcateristic of a genre well suited to sampling (Jungle). I believe that our methods of dancing to music mimics the instruments playing: Rhythm = Feet Bass = Hips Harmony = Shoulders/arms Melody = Facial expressions.

There are two visual channels (left/right), this alike to stereo music. These channels are framed alike to binoculars, mirroring our field of vision/hearing. There is reverb applied to the song, this was mimicked through a glowing effect on the imagery rendering it with a similar lingering presence.

The footage is positioned in order of the audio frequency bands they occupy/represent (high frequency melody is positioned at the top of the screen, low frequency bass is at the bottom). The different videos overlap each other; this is also like how instruments overlap each other in the frequency band width. Each stream of footage is distinct; however, they also merge; this is alike to how you can pick out instrument sections in a song whilst acknowledging their role in the bigger picture(!).

Brightness = loudness, where there is no audio bandwidth there is no visual bandwidth. The footage and music are slightly distorted, this intentionally done to match previous jungle recordings.

I am pleased with the outcome. I was encouraged to identify analogies for musical anatomy. For example:
Music collective alike to a football team
· Rhythm = Goalkeeper
· Bass = Defence
· Harmony = Midfielder
· Melody = Attacker
I wish to be challenged on this analogy and to hear others.

· Drummond, B. and Cauty, J., 1988. The Manual. 1st ed. Ellipsis London.
· Wikkeda!! by General Levy, Hard’n’pure (1995)
· Paid In Full by Eric B. & Rakim (1987)
· Mr. Manic & Sister Cool (Extended Album Version) by Shakatak (1987)
· Should we abolish copyright? 2020. [video] Directed by T. Nicholas. YouTube.

Songs sampled in original soundtrack titled Breakbeat:
· Sample-mania by DJ Seduction (This song samples several songs in of itself:
· Terrorist by Renegade feat. Ray Keith (This song samples several songs in of itself:
· Amen, Brother by The Winston’s,-Brother/
Footage sampled in Breakbeat:
· James Brown live on The Ed Sullivan Show (
· U Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer [music video] (
Vogue by Madonna [music video] (