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Breastfeeding in Public

Brief: Stop people from judging women who breastfeed in publc.
Idea: Let's draw to attention that some adult's still pull faces when they see a woman are breastfeeding.
Please note: These are scamps. Photography is by Evan Kafka.
Funny Faces TV Script
We capture a series of close up, slow motion shots of babies pulling typically funny faces. We watch a baby girl screwing up her face into a crumpled expression
VO: Is this the face you pull when you see a woman breastfeeding?
We cut to a baby boy, a look of complete shock washes over his face, he starts to have a bit of a tantrum.
VO: When you’re in a restaurant with a breastfeeding Mum, do you make a fuss?
We cut to a baby boy, a look of embarrassment sweeps across his face, like he is experiencing the emotion for the first time, and probably is.
VO: And if a friend or relative is breastfeeding, do you feel embarrassed?
We cut to a group of babies all together looking to camera pulling a whole range of daft faces.
VO: Whether it’s a little smile or a few words of encouragement, there’s a lot we can do to help breastfeeding Mums feel comfortable.
Breastfeeding. Let’s leave the funny faces to the babies.
Creative Team: Claire Watson and Susie Nagel-Davies

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