Brick Lane Coffee Cup Designs

The brief was to choose a coffee local coffee shop and come up with a coffee cup design to increase sells.
I chose the coffee shop 'Brick Lane Coffee' on Brick Lane (East London),

Target audience: the average Brick Lane coffee client - hipsters, art students, free wifi user, alternative people

Design Idea: Take unique and recognisable visual objects that are associated with the shop (vintage posters hanging inside, distinctive typography on walls, etc) and print them on cups.

Marketing idea: Take the unique wall full of toy little illustrations that is inside the coffee shop and create a search game (print inside coffee cups). Once the customer finished the coffee he/she can unfold cup and circle items from list that is given to him/her at tills.
Once all items are crossed off list, prizes can be won.
Obviously one cup only reveals a part of the whole puzzle of tiny items to find, so people have to buy more than 1 coffee to solve the game,


Davina Cochrane

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