British Council - Dressing the Screen Exhibition

  • grace wood
An identity for a bilingual fashion film exhibition, 'British council : Dressing The Screen', This identity draws both fashion and film elements from the branding to create a bilingual tool for marketing this event.

Our Identity is a sophisticated, minimal design the clean cuts of the text and sharp lines provided by our Photographic parameters, allow the exciting and unusual photographs to be the centre of attention and stand out – as they should providing they are the main source of the exhibition.

From watching the films we established that the films are very much sharp imaged and cutting edge, and in relation to this we chose a muted colour palette with only flashes of bright image to compliment the dark backgrounds and Eire ambiance that the exhibition creates.

The exhibition as it stands has a very niche crowd, fashion films are very much underground and only few designers are experimenting with them, in relation to this our audience are very much people that are already in the know, we choose the content of our brochure to highlight the curators and directors involved as we believe that’s what the audience will want to be in the know about after visiting the exhibition.