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The Golden Mask is the fifth film in a series of 20 films. This film celebrates the blend of a spoken poem which highlights the Bafta's beautifully blended with the The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra performing Mozart Einer Kleiner.

Please note all audio was recorded live. :) This was to add authenticity to the live performance and event tone we were aiming to create for the films. As a series the moods and atmospheres of the films undulate to add variety and keep viewers engaged.

About the project

#J2Oblends is a 20 day-long campaign which saw the release of a new film every week day in the month of February 2015. They feature the awesome poet James Massiah reciting a poem to the accompaniment of the amazing Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra!
Each poem/piece was individually crafted by the RPO and James Massiah to a specific theme such as Valentine’s Day, The BAFTA’s, LFW and even individual social media fans. The themes range from serious, thoughtful, heart warming and funny. The collaboration is about highlighting the blend of 2 things coming together. Poetry and classical music. The urban and the traditional. The moving and the static. Which thus create a unique blend and hence celebrate "the ;joy in the blend".

My job was to create 20 films that captured an essence of the tone and mood of the poem, topic and the piece of music. It was super fun to devise these ideas and once signed off and the shoot days were booked. I only actually had the orchestra for 3 hours per day over a 2 day shoot. To make all 20 films plus a teaser.
The 3 hours per day also includes the orchestras 15 minutes break within the 3 hours.
It was a really intense shoot to make the 20 films out of 5 hours and 30 mins. But with my amazing team at Partizan and TH_NK we did it! We also recorded all of the audio of James and the RPO live!
I feel very lucky to have worked with all the amazing people I did on this project.

I have chosen to upload a few of my favourites. I hope you enjoy them.

Go to my vimeo link below to see more of the series.

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