BT Digital Dash

Helping kids get fit for a digital future

2020 saw the closure of schools due to COVID-19. This resulted in many parents having to adapt to working from home, and home schooling simultaneously.

Create a helpful tool for families in these unprecedented times.

Digital Dash — An engaging educational game, that introduces kids to the digital skills involved in computational thinking. In the game kids create and train their own running avatar, tinker around with attributes that can affect their physical and mental health to create the fasters sprinter they can.
In the process of playing mini puzzle games, creating and training their avatar, they learn aspects of computational thinking by exploring cause and effect and analyse how their actions will impact the performance of their avatar.
Agency and Client Wunderman Thompson x BT
Designers Matt Jacobs, Tyler Hendy, Conor Bevan Game design and development Koffeecup Creative directors Richard Morgan, Christopher Mckee
Creative Matthew Benney, Brendan Howell

Special thanks to everyone who contributed to the project Steve Aldridge, Ruth Fidler, Esther Davies, Katy Smart, Stacey Harris, Antonina Mullen, Andy Terry, Suzanne Moules, Dan Verrier, James Wilson, Nathan Burley, Julian Pool


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