Manage your calendar, notes and to-do lists.
Set your own personal goals, budgets and notifications.
Keep track of your wellbeing, the weather and news that are important to you.
Save recipes, places you want to visit and films to see.
All in one place. 

Bullet journaling is an analog diary system invented by Brooklyn based designer Ryder Carroll after years of experimenting with the practice. It’s a coded system which allows the user to curate their own journaling and organisation, completely suited to what works best for them. All you need is a blank notebook and a pen. It has gained quite a cult following and communities dedicated to the system can be found all over the web.
Bullet is the app for people who quite like the idea of the flexibility of keeping a bullet diary but who might be less inclined to carry around a physical diary at all times. It still lets you tailor the structure and features to your needs but it allows you to pick from a range of layouts, make your own templates and choose how you navigate the app for yourself.
This project is my response to an open online brief calling for a calendar app which I took on to develop my digital design skills further. But also a bit of fan art to Carroll’s original system which I personally think is brilliant in its simplicity- however, as a sporadic journal keeper, never been able to really keep up with. Hence why the main philosophy behind the app is a journal which you can pick up where you left it last time, whether it was yesterday or a year ago, without having to draw up a new layout or flip through a bunch of unused pages.

Team Credits

Elvine Ghafouri

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  • Graduate Graphic & Media Designer

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  • UI
  • Graphic Design
  • App
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  • Calendar

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