Bulletproof Hoodie — How to Find best Bullet Proof Body Armor

  • Wonder Hoodie
Your body and head will be protected to the maximum extent possible by Wonder Hoodie's Bulletproof Hoodies, which have been lab-certified to NIJ-IIIA standards. The only stand-alone product on the market that can shield your body and head from ballistic and knife threats, our hoodie is the first bulletproof hoodie in the history of the human race (IIIA).
1. The Trench Coat: Trench coats have never gone out of style. Try to appear as though you are prepared for a busy day at work without drawing attention to your safety precautions.
2. The Bullet Proof Executive Vest: For senators, vice presidents, government officials, business executives, and security personnel, bulletproof executive vests have become increasingly popular.
3. The Ballistic Undershirt: The soft ballistic undershirt can be an option for those who need protection for their daily jobs.