Burgers For Boys

'Burgers For Boys' is inspired by the developments in gender identity occurring within Western society today. In the fashion world, and culture as a whole, the line between genders is being blurred. The project aims to encapsulate this mood and encourage the breakdown of gender binarism.

'Burgers For Boys' sets out to achieve this goal by playing with the stereotype that boys like salty, fatty, fast food and girls like sweet, sugary foods. By depicting these foods in a pink and blue colour palette (the colours traditionally associated with girls and boys) my project questions the traditional restricted definition of gender, promoting gender identity as a choice rather than a constriction. The final outcome takes inspiration from sandwich boards and food packaging. The garments hide the wearer’s body and it’s gender signifiers, forcing the viewer to look to the imagery of the garments in order to categorise the wearer’s gender. However, the combination of female and male food imagery and the use of the stereotyped colours with the ‘wrong imagery’ confuse this categorisation, preventing a definitive conclusion from being made.

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