Can You Rent a Car for A Month?

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Renting a car has become a common thing nowadays. People rent a car from various car rental companies available in the city for ease of traveling. In case they are moving to a city which is far away from their native city or abroad, they use rental cars there instead of personal cars. These rental cars are available to you on different terms like daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You can also rent a car for 6 months or a year if you are in the city for the long term.
Renting a long-term car will give you a lot of benefits. It will greatly affect your daily cost and efficiently reduce it. Moreover, some car rental companies are already offering amazing deals and discounts if someone rents a car for a long term from them. You are in the city for months or two and you need a car daily like going to the office or to attend off-site meetings. Then why a rental car on a daily and weekly basis?. Daily Rent a car for a month and avail all of the benefits and advantages available to you.
In this blog, we are going to tell you some of the main advantages of long-term car rental and why they are worth it?
Benefits of Long Term Car Rental Services

You are going to get the long-term car rental Dubai services even with or without restrictions, you can get more benefits as compared to short-term services. Following are some of the main benefits:
  • It costs you less money if you divide your monthly payment into a single-day payment. For a standard vehicle such as Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic, daily rental rates are somewhere from 60 to 80 AED with some limitations. And if you are looking for luxurious cars such as Ford Explorer or Toyota Fortuner, it can cost you up to 410 to 460 AED per day. But in both cases, if you rent these vehicles for a month, daily rates will reduce anywhere around 2-3 thousand and the same goes for any type of vehicle.
  • You may want to go out of the city for a month that includes a lot of traveling from city to city with such roads and areas where a bigger car is a necessity. You can take it based on a long-term contract for easy traveling.
  • You may want a bigger vehicle as per the requirement of your business, and you may need it for weeks. Renting it for a month can provide you the same service at a much lesser cost.
  • If you are heading towards a secondary residence for a few months, renting a car for a long-term duration will prevent you from having high mileage on your personal vehicle and also reduce wear and tear.
  • Accidents may occur, if your vehicle has gone through an accident, it may take days or weeks for its repair and maintenance. Meanwhile, to prevent any time loss or any trouble, you can avail long-term car rentals.
  • If you want to upgrade your vehicle but first want to practice, you can take a vehicle for a month, practice on it and then upgrade your car.
Is it Worth Renting a Car for A Month?
The answer is yes, you can rent a car for a month and it will be worth it. Rental services are available from a day to more than a month and if you want any vehicle for a month or more, it is called long-term rental services. But it comes with some specifications and different service providers have different ones. You can avail a vehicle with or without a chauffeur, with a given time limit or days or without any time restriction, with a limited mileage or unlimited mileage. It is your choice to choose what you want and what you can offer.
To get the best long term car rental deals, contact Rent A car UAE as they offer amazing discounts on a monthly basis. However, you won’t be worried about traveling if you are in Dubai for a month or so. Besides, if needed you can also book a car for 6 months at a 15% discount.
Summing Up
Some of the main benefits and advantages of long-term car rental are given above. You can rent a car for a month or even more like 6 months or a year if you need. It all depends on your needs and the requirements you want while traveling in the city. But in a nutshell, long-term car rental services are worth it.

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