Canopy, Nuffin

Letting renters make sumfin’ out of nuffin’


Canopy is an up-and-coming proptech firm that is shaking up the rental market. By enabling renters to add their rent payments to their credit history, Experian claims Canopy can help them improve their credit score by up to 80%. It’s a no-brainer, right? So, what’s the problem?
Canopy are brand new to the market, so no one has heard of them and can’t take advantage of their brilliant product!


Rent is dead money”. The thing is, it doesn’t have to be. We flip the reader’s perspective and show them that the value of rent isn’t just in the cash. Thanks to Canopy, there is value in the transactions.


Using a series of quirky copy ads around London, we zeroed in on renters’ frustrations, using quirky colloquialisms, then showed them how they can get more bang for their buck.


  • 98% increase in app downloads.
  • 120% increase in web traffic.


Ever seen a disruptive tech company use the phrase “not a sausage”? Didn’t think so. We steered well clear of the stereotypical, dry jargon so often spouted by tech companies, to speak to renters as a mate that can solve a problem for them.

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