'Carhartt blood and other new poems'— Publication (2021).

  • Dorrell Merritt
  • Sam Bush
Carhartt blood and other new poems is a new collection of thirty poems, written in 2021, serving as my first physical collection published in six years.

Exploring themes as diverse as science-fiction, desire, memory, music, heartbreak and the untameable power of nature, the collection serves as a mapping of a psyche, honestly, vastly, while calling upon a wide range of influences and inspirations in the process.
-Edition of 30 copies.
-Design & direction by SEED Atelier
-Published by SEED Editions
-RRP £7.99
-Photography by Sam Bush

Untitled Bruegel poem I.
A cold Coke.
Spey-casting The LA River.
Beckford Street.
Guinness at The Priory.
Brassaï rooftops.
Blood dimension.
Dark Funeral live in Paris DVD 2006.
To sleep in the shadows of monoliths.
Deciphering the language of the crows.
Tempesta a Bologna.
I saw my lady weep.
A pint of black.
Carhartt blood.
Love don’t last.
Rain amongst the rats and ruins.
Verbascum thapsus.
Rissani (Forty five minutes).
Happy Plaice.
Lemons of Sorrento.
Aesop and Skagerak.
Black metal in low summer.
Ubers to Bow.
So came the rain, so came the darkness.

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