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A book to celebrate the anniversary of La Brûlerie Caron, a french coffeehouse. Precious, handmade and goldsmith coffee. The package contains 4 books called “From hand to hand” and shows the importance of the hand in each step of coffee making.
• Volume 1 : “La Délicatesse” (“The Delicateness”) explains how the founder, Sylvain Caron, travels around the world selecting with care the most suitable coffees by looking at them, touching them, smelling them and tasting them.
• Second volume : “Le Travail” (“The Work”) talks about coffee harvest and farmer’s culture.
• Third volume : “Le Savoir-Faire” (“The Know-how”) shows the art of coffee roasting by assembling different arabicas.
• Fourth volume : “L’Allure” describes the passion of savoring coffee and contextualizes the Caron coffee tasting (international jumpings, G20, G8, etc…).

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