Carta a mano nelle Ande

Letterpress design project for Carta a mano nelle Ande, a non profit producer of handmade paper for letterpress. Papelera Don Bosco – the factory – is based in Peru and is aimed at teaching young Peruvian guys how to make handmade paper for letterpress. I worked with them to develop some graphic design solutions to show how handmade paper can make a difference when used with letterpress. On this card I've used contour lines for the graphics on the back side since the project is based in Peru, so a lot of mountains, and contour lines are really great to show how deeply the impression can be when this handmade paper is used with letterpress. On the front side the phrase means more or less "You don't need so much to make a great impression. An idea, handmade paper, letterpress." Pictures courtesy of Carta a mano nelle Ande.


Project Tags


  • graphic design
  • print design
  • letterpress design