Maintain the high share of the Intel-processor server market by increasing the sales to the SMB-partners.
Facts Q2-00
- Compaq has nearly 50% share of the total Intel-processor server market.
- Compaq has less than 20% share of the SMB segment of the Intel-processor server market.
- Dell is starting to win market share (all over).
- local PC Vendors do have at least 20% of the SMB-server market.
- Compaq was focusing on the “top 100-partners”.
- The opinion at the SMB partners (>3000 in Sweden) was: “Compaq has the best products, but they are expensive and they are not interested in us”.

- The creating of a new SMB partner program, “CashPaq”:
- Partner budget: The partner sets a monthly (server) sales goal in units.

Bonus (for partners)
- Depending on the period- (30 days) achievement, the partner gets a bonus for each unit sold (amount depending on model).
- Over performing is accepted up to +25%, more than 25% gives no extra bonus
- Underperforming with –25% gives no bonus at all.
- The bonus is paid cash within 2 weeks after each (30-day) period.

Starter pack:
- 50% discount on a certain server model for demo use.
- 50% discount on (server) trainings (sales and techniques).

Direct contact with Compaq
- 1 sales rep from Compaq working only on visiting SMB-partners (goal: 20 per week).
- Founded heads (6 months) at Compaq’s distributors targeting both the distributors and the SMB-partners .
- Direct CashPaq phone number at Compaq’s partner hotline “SalesLinq”.

How to join the CashPaq program
- Log on to the Compaq CashPaq Extranet.
- Accomplish the interactive sales training on the Extranet.
- Set the budget for the next month.
- Choose a preferred distributor.

Result Q2-01
- >40% market share in the SMB segment.
- Compaq gets an SMB-budget from the partners, every month!
- Starting relations to many “new” partners (among them: at least 15 are potential top 100).
- Taking partner-business from IBM, Fujitsu-Siemens and HP.
- Several Swedish PC-vendors has switched to Compaq ProLiant servers.
- A lot of goodwill; CashPaq is known as an easy and generous bonus program.
- More Compaq-focus at the distributors.


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