Cass Business School - Careers Service

  • Martin McGuigan
  • Antonis Vasilopoulos
  • Daniel Jarrett
  • John Lee

The careers service at Cass Business School faced a key challenge: many of their students at masters level were finishing their degrees without having used the careers service at all. Still more went into the job market expecting that their degree had prepared them enough to get a job, only to find themselves lacking in the key skills needed to complete an interview, or an assessment day. We pitched the idea of an RPG, a game where the player can practise their skills and level up. Our main character is our "Hero", who dreams of flying high, but he is only ready to enter the job market after training and preparation. This is the first project for which we used a separate background artist and character animator. We loved the textures and the shadows in Chris Gajda's background layouts, and we had some delightfully funny character animation too. This was one of my favourite scripts to write. Whenever we received feedback from the client, we went to the RPG as a base and thought about how to present a new scene or a new solution. It was a real collaboration from all the team members involved. It took a few months, but we are proud of this one!