Catwalk design

In October 2013 I was asked by Andrew Markham- Academic Leader (HE) Art & Design to contribute to and to take part in the relaunch of the Croydon School of Art. My task was to design and to create a wall piece (15m long) for the catwalk taking place during the relaunch. The project was both a great challenge and a great opportunity. A little bit overwhelmed by the scale and the deadline, I began my drawing marathon at 9 am on Thursday 10th October and completed my piece at 1 pm on Friday 11th (just in time for the grand opening). John Rocha ,former Croydon College student, was a guest of honour and cut the ribbon. (Other former alumni include: Malcolm McLaren, Jamie Reid, Helen Chadwick, and Ray Davies). The fashion show followed with the drinks reception. I sat in the front row and watched models walk up and down the catwalk beautifully interacting with my drawings (flowers, buildings, a bird contrasted with abstract graffiti marks...). I've had great feedback from both the staff and the students at the collage and I'm currently planning more large scale works.
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