CDG Play Popup Shop

  • Enor Cousin

I decided to design this, random, fun popup shop made from Teak Hardwood for CDG Play. I focused mainly on the customer experience and how they move freely within the space. It has a large display screen installed at the entrance (or the exit, as customers are able to come in/leave the shop from the east and the west side) in order for the brand to advertise their products. Other necessary things in the shop are: - Store Room (Staff only) - Pay Area - DJ Area (lively music played to create an inviting atmosphere) - Shoe rack/Small Booth space (can be used to display an important product/customers can take pictures) The popup shop does not have a roof because the idea was to place it within a shopping Centre. This allows the natural/artificial lights from the shopping centre to entre the popup shop, but I have added some artificial lights of my own, underneath the black wooded frames, near the DJ area and the booth area. (as stated, this is a random personal project, it is not serious :D)