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CHALLENGE + NETWORK: psychology + fashion + language

Meet MIND FASHION: a growing platform and network of experts in the field of Fashion, Psychology and Branding, that shifts minds by using the language of fashion and revealing the secrets behind the clothes we wear. 

Janne Baetsen: "I believe that most of the answers we now need are about a change in the way we think and communicate. Part of my work is meeting many inspiring people from various disciplines, who all have amazing ideas and want to address today’s (fashion) issues. Why not combine those aspirations, talents, expertises, knowledge - and most of all love for fashion, others and the world - and start working on a different engagement within the mind and a powerful voice towards solutions."

Revealing the secrets  behind the clothes [we wear].

Fashion is about people. It involves perception, self-expression, attention, memory, creativity, communication and social interaction. Fashion reveals and shapes our emotions, personality and culture, and vice versa. It reflects how we see the world and how the world sees us. Fashion is Psychology.
Although fashion is an exciting, creative and dynamic industry, it faces severe global environmental and social challenges. Fashion needs now more than ever its voice to express its identity.

Network of Minds:   Psychology + Fashion + Branding 

As boundaries between technology and human experience blur, Cultural Identity and Community Language Specialist Janne Baetsen is joining forces with renowned like-minded experts including Psychology of Fashion Consultant Carolyn Mair, Fashion Commentator and Agent of Change Caryn Franklin, designers Adam Peacock, Jo Cope and Jessica Bugg, Sensory TransTech designer & Researcher Jenny Tillotson, wearable technology expert & researcher Bushra Burge, and independent fashion collectives such as FASHIONCLASH (NL) and Sustainable Fashion Matterz (D) to present a collaborative and innovative approach to fashion, psychology, technology and language (branding): MIND FASHION.  MIND FASHION
MIND FASHION stands for a growing Plug-In Network/Platform that contributes to a more profound insight into relationships, identities and communities of the fashion world. Through this multi-disciplinary frame and network we want to show how Fashion, when seen and valued as a language, can contribute to a powerful dialogue and understanding of today's society. 
Let's build connections based on our love for fashion and directed by human aspirations, behaviours, knowledge, experiences and relationships to contribute to a more sustainable future.

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  • Fashion
  • Psychology
  • Branding
  • Community Development
  • Content Marketing, Concept Creation, Strategy
  • Collaborative Project
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